Facilitron transforms the way you find and book public facilities.
A marketplace for renters
Facilitron partners with schools, colleges and municipalities to bring thousands of facilities under one roof. Finding and booking the perfect place for your event is just a few clicks away.
A platform for owners
Facilitron's free platform makes scheduling and managing facility use and administering rental requests simple and easy. You stay in full control over when, how and who uses your facilities.
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Transform the way you rent school facilities
Facilitron helps schools manage the scheduling of their facilities, including managing external rental requests from the community. Watch how we streamline the process of scheduling and renting your facilities, all at no direct cost to the district.
One place to find and book
Setup, training and support – with our promise
Facilitron gives facility owners unprecedented control and dramatically simplifies the way they manage and rent their facilities.
At no cost, Facilitron gets everything up and running exactly as required. From custom storefront, schedules and rates to training of personnel and 24x7 support - you have our promise that we’ll be with you every step of the way.
One place to find and book
Easily manage the most complex workflows
The Facilitron® platform provides to facility owners a rich set of features designed to accommodate the full spectrum of internal processes required by institutional facility owners. From very simple to most complex workflows requiring multiple levels of approval and pre-approval hierarchies - we will set up the right workflows to suit the exact needs of your organization.
Manage your calendars from one place
Facilitron gives facility owners unprecedented control and dramatically simplifies the way they manage and rent their facilities.
With Facilitron’s calendar management tools, you can manage event calendars from one place and easily integrate with those already using Google, Apple, MS Outlook or nearly any other calendar.

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Facilitron's founders share something in common – as our kids grew up participating in sports, arts and other activities, we experienced the pain of our children's organizations trying to book facilities for practices and events. The challenge wasn’t limited to finding the right venue. There were cumbersome application processes, long waits to see whether the rental application was accepted, multiple calls to resolve scheduling conflicts, insurance compliance and more. We knew there had to be a better way and Facilitron® was born.